Marika has written award-winning scores for dance and theatre productions, using a range of composition techniques, interweaving instrumental composition with sound collages of natural soundscapes. Marika predominantly performs the instruments in her scores, which sometimes feature guests and collaborators.  

Big Queer Anti-Wedding (2017, scored with Christopher Wratt, directed and written by Virginia Kennard) Performed at Leeds Beckett University
Demi-God Half-Human  (Excerpt) (2013, Choreographed by Shani Dickens) Featured in 2013  Auckland Short n SWeet dance Festival, awarded The Wallace Arts Trust Award for Most Promising Newcomer

Globus Cruciger (2013, Choreographed by Oliver Connew) featured in Graduation Performance 

An Unfortunate Willingness to Agree (Choreographed by Oliver Connew) awarded in 2012 New Zealand Fringe festival for Best Dance Show and Best Newcomer to Oliver Connew. Marika was also honoured Special Mention for Sound Design, in Production Design category.
Also presented at Auckland Fringe Festival 2013.