Marika's sound installations are interactive, exploring the relationship between phenomenology of space-time, mindfulness, and radical relaxation.



Multisensory Bathing Experience

A multisensory installation, exploring the phenomenology of corporeal listening and radical relaxation. Original soundtrack composed for bathing experience, containing sound collage of free improvisations of Marika performing wine glasses, chamber organ and various Indonesian Gamelan Instruments.  This work was written as apart of a Sonic Art Honours Paper at Victoria University New Zealand School of Music.
Installation presented in October 2015 in the bathroom at my house and since then for individuals on request.

EMpty Bath and Snacks 2.JPG


Telesthesia of Time is a psycho-active surrealist audiobook installation combining the tale of zoomorphic sentient-sloth planets with experimental soundscapes.

Co-Producer/Co-Director/Sound Design. Presented  March 10-12th at Performance Arcade 2017, on Wellington Waterfront.
 The themes explore the relationship between time relativity, human consciousness and memory.
Joint collaboration with siblings Heleyni Pratley (Conceptual Artist) who did visual installation, and Luke Pratley (Astrophysicist) contributed to conceptual research, and is currently studying a PhD in radio astronomy at University College London. This work received funding from Wellington City Council.