Marika Pratley is a composer, sonic artist, improviser and performer based in Wellington, New Zealand. Her diversity of  work is reflective on the eclectic influences of her music and cultural upbringing, using found objects, Indonesian Gamelan, Greek Folk Instruments, synthesizers and field recordings in her compositions. Conceptually, Marika covers a range of topics, exploring radical relaxation, the phenomenology of spacetime, trauma recovery and intersectional identity politics. Her music and academic work has been presented in New Zealand and internationally. She has been nominated for multiple  awards and worked on award-winning productions. 

Marika frequently collaborates with other artists. She performs electric violin in Moody V and The Menstrual Cycle, and composed scores for several dance and theatre productions.  In 2017 she collaborated with siblings Heleyni Pratley (Visual Artist) and Luke Pratley (Astrophysicist) on Telesthesia of Time, and she has worked several times with performance artist Virginia Kennard.

Marika is currently working on a documentary, The Healing Power of The Sloth, an autobiographical journey investigating trauma recovery through her own artwork. This will also examine her intersecting identities as queer woman of Greek-Cypriot decent, and how reconnecting with these aspects of herself through music and art have been essential in the recovery process.